WaferSense® Auto Vibration System (AVS)

WaferSense AVS can be moved through your semiconductor process equipment and automation material handling systems to monitor three-axis accelerations and vibrations. Its wafer-like shape is compatible with your existing automation and its wireless communication provides real-time data to speed tool setup and maintenance. Vibration data can be recorded so you can compare past to present as well as one tool to another to reduce particles, maintenance time and cycle time.

Photo Gallery of WaferSense AVS

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  • Collects and displays acceleration data wirelessly to see the effect of adjustments in real time, speeding equipment alignment and setup.
  • SEMI 200 mm notch or flat or 300 mm and 450 mm wafer-like form factors.
  • Reports acceleration in three directions. X, Y, Z and RMS display allows quick, objective measurements.
  • Range ±2G
  • Resolution ±0.01G.
  • Frequency response 0 to 200 Hz, -3dB
  • Vibration wafer can be used in temperatures from 20°C to 70°C.
  • Wireless technology means WaferSense AVS has no wires that can break after repeated use and AVS will never be misaligned by strained wires.
  • VibeView™ application software provides real-time visual feedback and can record data in a log file.
  • VibeReview™ application software replays log file data for review and analysis.