WaferSense® Airborne Particle Sensor (APS)

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The APS can be moved through semiconductor process equipment and automation material handling systems to monitor airborne particles in the systems. Its wafer-like shape is compatible with your existing automation and its wireless communication provides real-time data to speed tool qualification and release to production. Particle data can be recorded so you can compare past to present as well as one tool to another to validate, maintenance procedure qualities and potential yield issues.

Wireless measurement speeds equipment qualification. Use the APS wafer and ParticleView™ to collect and display particle data wirelessly to see the effect of adjustments in real time, speeding equipment qualification and setup. Using APS during equipment qualification, enables swift location of contamination sources.

Wafer-like form factor helps shorten equipment cycle times. APS is clean and vacuum compatible, so you don’t need to expose process areas to the environment. Detect particles in real-time without opening the tool. The device requires some partial pressure of inert gas to operate, bleed in of Nitrogen or Argon can satisfy this requirement. Once the location of particles is identified, tool parameters can be optimized.

Objective and reproducible particle data helps lower maintenance expense. Use the APS particle wafer to establish a baseline. Cycle APS through like a dummy wafer to verify that baseline operation continues. Get early warning for impending equipment failures. Optimize preventive maintenance plans.

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  • 200 mm, 300 mm (and 450mm special order) wafer-like form factor.
  • Handles like a wafer; can be placed anywhere a wafer can.
  • Wirelessly transmits particle data to your laptop or PC.
  • APS reports particles in 0.1 µm and 0.5 µm bin sizes.
  • Operation pressure is 0.4 to 1.6 Atmosphere.
  • Operating temperature is 20°C to 60°C.
  • Battery operation is ≥ 1 hour per charge.
  • ParticleView™ software provides the user with real-time visual feedback and can record data in a log file.
  • ParticleReview™ sofware replays log file data for review and analysis.